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Bavarian Photopunk

Way back in 1990, I started apprenticeship as a media designer and repro photographer. This was well before Macs and digital cameras were so common! However, I was able to refine my skills in digital image processing by using the innovative image manipulation program, Barco Creator, at sgi (Silicon Graphics International) and Scitex.

Later, my focus shifted to advertising, design and marketing – where I worked for over 20 years in a variety of media disciplines and industries. In 2010, I decided to change direction and have since worked in the fields of photography and digital retouching. My passion for images is also reflected in my art and street photography and in my photojournalistic activities.

For those interested in some technical trivia, I mostly shoot with Leica and Sony in full format but also enjoy creating images with my iPhone and Instax.

On request, a PhaseONE with up to 150 MB ca be used for high-end shoots.

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Reprokamera AGFA RPS 2226

My first little cam.